Sleep plugs


comfort plugs

• High attenuation
• Ultra soft
• Comfortable fit
• Hygienic because of the flat surface
• Disposable

Our Comfort Plugs are the softest available earplugs on the market. The wearing comfort is therefore of an extremely high standard. Also, the Comfort Plugs have a high attenuation level, so you can be sure that you get the rest you want or the protection you need. Our Comfort Plugs are the ideal choice in two situations:

• You need peace and calmness: This can be when you want to sleep peacefully, when you don’t want to be bothered with fellow travelers, when you want to study or when you just want to relax without back ground noise.

• You need protection in an extremely noisy environment: This can be while doing odd jobs, shooting, being on a race-track or other loud events


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Sleeping peacefully, riding a motorcycle, going to concerts, swimming, flying: these are just a few of the activities at which earplugs can be worn. But which kind of earplug suits which activity best? Get Plugged gives you an answer to this question by providing a complete and clear positioned productline with a high quality earplug for every activity.