Airplane Medium
Flite Mate Medium (reusable)
€ 9,10
delivery time: 1-3 business days

The Medium Size is perfectly suitable for more than 80% of all people. But if you are not sure about the size you need, we advice you to buy our special Trial Pack.

Many people suffer from earpain and/or popping ears during air- and mountain travel. Our FliteMate can eliminate this discomforting feeling, because it absorbs the sudden pressure changes and gives your ears time to comfortly adjust to the situation. A unique feature of our FliteMate is the pre-formed shape which ensures an excellent wearing comfort. It is even possible to wear headphones to listen to your favorite music or watch the featured movie!

• Pressure reducing technology to prevent earpain and popping ears
• Extremely high wearing comfort through the unique shape
• Wearable in combination with headphones
• Ability to hear speech is unsurpassed
• Washable (with mild soap and water)
• Reusable
• Including handy storage container

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