Nosestrip (12PCS)
€ 6,90
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• easy to use
• dermatologically tested
• scientifically tested
• for both men and women
• 12 each per package

Improves breathing through the nose and helps prevent snoring! The effect of Nozovent ® is based on increasing the flow of air through the nose. This is important, because breathing through the nose is better than breathing through the mouth. The nose cleans, heats and moisturizes the air that is breathed in. Breathing through the mouth means that the polluted air enters the lungs directly, which can lead to a dry mouth and coughing. Nozovent ® widens the nose so the nose’s accessibility is increased considerably. While sleeping the Nozovent ® increases the flow of air through the nose by 50%. For people who snore this may be a relief as the increased supply of air through the nose will reduce the snoring.

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