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• Quickly helps you overcome an attack
• Can also be used preventively.
• Easy to use
• Small size (10 by 5.5 cm)
• Suitable for everyone

The Hyperfree ®-cassette makes sure the balance between carbonic acid and oxygen is back to normal in the shortest possible time, so the hyperventilation attack is overcome and the problems disappear. A major advantage is that the Hyperfree ®-cassette can also be used preventively. By using the Hyperfree bv for about 1 minute three times per day, you can keep the balance between carbonic acid and oxygen normal.

Studies have shown that you will get fewer attacks by carrying the cassette with you. This is because you know that a hyperventilation attack can be combated quickly and safely, which reduces the feelings of anxiety. The Hyperfree® cassette is not a medicine, but a medical aid you can use without limitation.

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